What's Next? 

Over the next 12 months, I plan to publish these materials.

Overcoming Your Devotional Obstacles

Overcoming Your Devotional Obstacles identifies seven obstacles to having a quiet time with God that satisfies the soul and spirit. This book provides over 25 practical steps to having devotions which will refresh your spirit. This book is for you:

  • If you long for meaningful and memorable devotions on your spiritual journey.
  • If you find yourself frustrated and overwhelmed with distractions and comprehending the Bible.
  • If you do not know how to have devotions that connect you to God through His word. 
  • If you struggle with guilt and inadequacy because your devotions do not seem to measure up to others.

Reflections from…

The Reflections from series takes a Bible passage and approaches it with expositional and devotional manner.

  • Reflections from the Old Testament — gives practical examples for Christian living from the Old Testament. This will be two-volumes.

  • Reflections from the New Testament — gives practical examples for Christian living from the New Testament. This will be two-volumes.

  • Reflections from Ruth — is a four book series covering every phrase in the book of Ruth. Reflections from Ruth is revised and updated from the first single book, Bread from Bethlehem.

Reflections on...

The Reflections on series are works that are topical, thematic, and instructional.

  • Reflections on Being a Disciple: This book deals with what Jesus stated it would take to become His disciple.

  • Reflections on God’s Mission: This book identifies God’s mission, and it answers these questions: Am I to fit God’s mission in my life? Or am I to fit my life into His mission? 

A Guy's Instruction Manual:  

This is a four-session workshop which speaks to issues of being a man in the fashion of the word of God. You can teach the material in four 45-minute sessions or over a month on four consecutive Sundays. It can also be read in a narrative form.

  • The topics
    • My Heart 
    • My Friends 
    • My Money
    • My Loves

Servant University

Servant University is a 15-week course which teaches the biblical model of becoming a Servant. It can be used as a Bible curriculum for Sunday schools, Home-schools, Christian schools, Bible Studies, small groups, and ministry staff training. It can be used individually for self-instruction.

This course will include:

  • A teacher’s manual with outlines and a narrative of the lesson.
  • A workbook for students to follow in class.
  • 15 weeks of daily devotions to reinforce the theme of the week.