Who Lights Your Candle?

Psalms 18:28 For thou wilt light my candle: the LORD my God will enlighten my darkness.

The unlit room contained darkness you could feel. The oppressiveness of the darkness could hardly be described. It was as if you were crippled by its presence. Fear laid hold on the occupants of this darkness. 

Suddenly, a sound of a match against an abrasive surface was heard! In a brief moment, a candle’s flame chased away the darkness. Darkness’ chains dropped and liberty was found in the candle’s warm glow. The one who lit the candle was embraced and thanked for his effort. His light brought liberty and showed the way out of darkness.

In life, we have moments of crippling fear while in a place of darkness. We long for the liberty of light and specific direction out of the place we are held. 

In my studying the Word of God this morning, I came across this verse. It struck me as I read it. When faced with the uncertainty that is bred in darkness, realize this truth. The believer is never alone in this darkness. God will light your candle! He will turn darkness into light.  God alone has the direction and liberty we need.

Has darkness seized you for the moment? Do you long for light? Who lights your candle? Any attempt to light our own candle will lead to frustration. Ask God to light your candle and point the way out of this chamber to where He needs you.

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