His Word in my Heart

Deuteronomy 6:6 And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart.

I can remember as a boy, I owned a toy box. Inside this toy box were treasures to be rediscovered on any given day when the whims of exploration swept across my young mind. On those days of exploration, I would discover Legos, GI Joe men and their uniforms, puzzle pieces, binoculars and much more. 

Each one had a way of evoking memories of the day I received them. I would then strive to recapture that same emotion in my playing with them again. My toy box was really a box of treasures. I knew I had these toys but I just had not been using them for a while. 

The Lord gave Moses His words. They were His statutes, laws, and commandments. Moses told them, “...these words shall be in your heart.” 

Consider this precious truth: His word in our heart. What a precious treasure to explore! His word is a lamp to our feet. His word is light to our paths. His word in our heart is the barrier between sin and us. Oh, that we would take the time to explore His word and deposit them in the treasure box of our hearts.

When last did you have a day of exploration in his word?


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