Give it your B. E. S. T.

1 Corinthians 4:12–13    ...being reviled, we bless; being persecuted, we suffer it: Being defamed, we entreat:

Give it your B. E. S. T..jpg

I love staying at a certain chain of hotels. They have a promotion with their employees called, “Catch Me at my Best.” Guests are encouraged to “catch” employees at their best and notify management, by way of a card, so that employee may be commended and rewarded.

Because I travel much, I have many opportunities to witness people at their worst and best. As well as I have many opportunities to catch me at my best and worst. 

As a believer, we have many opportunities for the world to catch us at our best. You know these type of moments of observation come unannounced. Believers and unbelievers watch us often when we are unaware. How are you doing when they do come?

Paul gave advice to the church at Corinth and told them how to be caught at their best.

When people revile you, bless them.
When people persecute you, suffer it.
When people defame you, entreat them.

So, at all times we are to B-less, E-ntreat, S-uffer and T-rust God. How many times this year have you been caught at your best? The last time you were faced with adversity, did you bless the person, entreat him (chose to respect), and just suffered it, all while trusting the Lord?

I hope you catch me at my B E S T.