A Chapter of Life

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 2 Samuel 16

If our lives were viewed like a book, there would be chapters that would leave our readers scratching their heads. 

Some chapters of our lives would contain days where we cast a positive reflection of God. Yet some chapters would cast a negative reflection on and of our Lord. 

There would be days we could say, “I did right.” Other days, “I didn't do so well.” There are days where our lives clearly bring glory to God and other days where our lives bring shame on the name or work of Christ.

I am happier with myself on the days I do right and am disappointed when I fail.  

David's life, like many of our lives, has chapters we can be content with and some with which we will not be content. How you handle adversity and adversaries are indicators on how you're doing as a believer. 

I read this morning in my devotions about a moment in David's life that gave me pause. I reflected on David's response when faced with a moment where he could blow it or choose better. 

It was a good chapter in David's life; it's a chapter I want to emulate in my own life. 

I'll call this chapter: Choosing the Honorable

David had a person in his life that wouldn't leave him alone. His name was Shimei who accused, attacked, and even abused David. This bitter man, who could not resolve his ill feelings for the demise and downfall of Saul, now makes it his mission to make David's life miserable. 

You know that there are people God allows in our life who are bitter; they can bring out either the worst or best in us. 

David was on the run. Absalom, his own son, was solidifying his own position in Jerusalem. David was on the move. 

He encounters this bitter man, Shimei. The Bible notes that he is from the house of Saul, the man from whom God removed His hand. 

David and the people are weary. (16:14) 

Notice the behavior of Shimei:

v5 He came forth cursing. He cursed as he came.

v6 He cast stones at the King. 

He cast stones at the servants of the king.

David was surrounded by God's people and God's man.

v7-8 His cursings were nothing more than bringing up his past: misrepresenting his present, and mocking his place and power with God.

v9 Godly men around David said, “Let me kill this dead dog. Let me take off his head.”

v10-11 David speaks

1. Let him curse. (“My own son wants to kill me: I'll not bother with the likes of him.” 

2. Let him alone.

3. Let God work it out.(whether God told him or not)

4. Keep moving.

When the curses fly.

When the stones are cast.

When the accusations are hurled.

When dust is stirred.

When others have the upper position. (along on the hill’s side over against him)