Pasture or Palaces

1 Samuel 17:13,15    And the three eldest sons of Jesse went and followed Saul to the battle…but David went and returned from Saul to feed his father’s sheep at Bethlehem. 

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David had lived a unique life. He was the youngest son of Jesse, a simple keeper of sheep. He was a man content to dwell wherever God, his father, brothers, or king of Israel could use him. Not many of his age and rank were ever called to be the soother of the King’s spirit. He was a “pasture man” by preference, but if service called upon him to be a “palace man,” he would go.

However, here’s an interesting thing to note: there came a day when the music playing in the palace was replaced by the vocal challenges of a giant in Shochoh. He could not go to the battlefield, so now he must go from the palace back to the pasture. Yes, there is far more honor and prestige for those who would hold a palace ministry. Yet in our focus verse this day, we see David was content to go back to a pasture ministry.

I wonder, if God changed you from a palace ministry to a pasture ministry, could you keep your pride from ruling your spirit? I know most who hold the office of a pastor might struggle going from a “high profile ministry” to a “no-profile ministry.” I know some who are teachers in a Sunday school class, if they were asked to be sweepers of the same class, would struggle with the new assignment because of pride.

Please, keep in mind the duty you have been given is not because you so wonderful, but rather because God chose to use you there. Do not allow yourself to become convinced that you are too good to go from the palace to the pasture. David had no struggle in switching back and forth between places. When God moves you from palace to pasture, are you content just knowing “The Lord is my Shepherd”? Would to God we could develop that demeanor in our places of service.