The Miracle of His Will

Genesis 18:14 Is anything too hard for the LORD? At the time appointed I will return unto thee, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son.

At times, our heart yearns for a specific answer to prayer. We crave the answer it. We want it more than life itself.  We will view our latest impossibility as another difficulty in a series of life’s impossibilities. 

We look at our problem. We see the mountain is too high. We see the hole is too deep. We say the cavern is too wide. So, we do our best to assess the situation. 

We pull out our trusty checklist: What are my resources? Not enough! What are my abilities? Insufficient! What opportunities exist to implement my solution? None.

Have you ever been there? You know the place. It is standing at the precipice of your plans, resources, and abilities to manage this crisis. You see the dilemmas and disasters and conclude it is hopeless. You embrace this literal hopelessness.

God’s children are not strangers to this emotional location. God knows where this place is. He knows where it is because He let us arrived there. He comes to us. He lets us get to the place where we can see that our resources are inadequate. He lets us sense that our responses are insufficient. He permits us to discover that our attempts at fixing it are incomplete. We discover that what we need in this moment is not another plan or power solution. We simply need the miracle of His will. 

The miracle of God’s will is not bound to my planning, power, or potential. Often the miracle of God’s will is juxtaposed to these human attempts to solve life’s impossibilities. The miracle of His will demonstrates He has an outcome that He desires. The miracle of His will demonstrates He can do anything but fail. The miracle of His will shows nothing is too hard for God.

The Egyptians chased Israel to the Red Sea. When Israel ran out of desert and were against the Red Sea, they realized the miracle of God’s will. Israel's miracle was not manufactured by them. Their miracle was manifested by God. 

Joshua needed a bridge over the Jordan river. The miracle of God’s will did not require human involvement to cross that river. The miracle needed the Hand of God. Some could say, "Here is a place for a bridge." Yet bridges are not the only solution. When man needs a bridge, God replies, “You just need the miracle of My will.”

The five thousand needed food. The disciples were questioned on their plan to feed the 5000. Jesus’ question revealed they did not need another plan, program, or purchase. They needed the miracle of His will. (John 6:5-14)

Their resources were ineffective (200 pence and five loaves with two fish)

Their restructuring was incredible (too late in the day to get started)

Their responses were inadequate. (send them away)

When you arrive at your next crisis, look to your Redeemer, not your resources. Ask God to reveal the miracle of His will for you! The miracle of His will supersedes your abilities, actions, and awareness. 

Whatever your crisis today, the miracle of His will is the best solution! 

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