Calling the Father

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Psalm 138:8   The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O Lord, endureth forever: forsake not the works of thine own hands.

The child looks at the hose she's attempted to unravel for the past hour. She tugs. She pulls. She pushes. Yet nothing seems to work. The hose will not untangle. Frustration rages in her mind. This task shouldn't be hard. Yet it is hard. 

Just then she hears her father whistling and coming around the corner of the house. She cries out, "Daddy! Daddy! Please help me. I can't get this untangled." 

Lovingly, her father stoops to sweep her up in his arms. He offers her a hug which melts her frustration.

"Now, what has you so frustrated?" he said. 

"Well," with flailing arms waving and exasperated tone, "I tried to move the hose so I could wash my doll house. I can get it to stretch over there. It is a tangled mess." 

Her father spoke with calming tones, "My dear little princess, you watch and let me fix this hose the way it should be, then we can get that house washed." 

Her father's hands took the hose and, in less than a minute, had it all untangled. She watched in a amazement. Her one hour of frustration was dissolved in one minute when she left the tangled mess to her father. She embraced him and then ran to her dollhouse where she watched him wash her dollhouse.

The Psalmist declared that he knew his Father could take the tangles of his life and make it better. He said it in this artful way, "The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me..." The word perfect is the idea of bringing to a place of finality or an end. The implied idea is completeness; God can take life's tangles and make it better.

Consider the Person (the Lord) and the Promise (will perfect) in this verse. God is distinctly aware of my present frustration. When I will leave it with him, I can rest in His promise.

What's your tangled mess? You can push, pull, prod, and poke all you want. Yet if you allow this problem to get to the hands of God, He will perfect that which concerns you.