A Bible Studier

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The call to tech support went through after pressing 1 for English, 3 for support, 7 for a domestic agent, and 2 for assistance immediately. The agent got on the line after a short wait. He listened to the situation and replied, “You know, I am embarrassed to say I am not sure how to answer this question. I will need to research this and call you back.” You groan within thinking, “I called to find someone smarter than me. Now, I know, I will never get a call back.” In exasperation, you say, “Why can’t I get someone who knows their stuff?”

Similarly, this world is calling out for answers. The focus verse states the believer is required to study the Word of God. We study it to be workers who need not to be ashamed. How many times have those around us sought answers for life’s difficulties and we have no answer to give. We call a friend, family member, or pastor who we know will have the answer.

The Bible is our sole source of answers in a world full of questions. Are you ready to answer? Choose a doctrine and study it. Find a topical Bible and search for answers. Your daily connection to the Word of God means you will have the answer when the questions arise.