Spirit Refreshing

1 Corinthians 16:18   For they have refreshed my spirit and yours: therefore, acknowledge ye them that are such. 

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Have you ever had a week where it seemed there was no time to stop and put your feet up to rest and recover? You know that feeling, don't you? The aching feet, the sore back, and the legs that just don't want to go on any more. These are all the signs we have felt as we have walked along life's path. Your body, mind, and spirit get to the place where they need refreshing. 

This is what Paul was writing about to the Corinthians. He was that weary laborer needing some refreshing. The Corinthians had failed in refreshing him. He wrote about three men that were able to refresh his spirit and not just his, but theirs too. He said these men were able to come along and cause him to cease from movement or labors so he could recover. 

What is interesting to me in this verse is not the correction to the Corinthians (v17), nor the commendation to the comforters (18a), but rather the coaching he gave to the church (18b). His coaching was this "acknowledge them". He wanted the Corinthians to become thoroughly acquainted with the refreshers. He wanted them recognized in the Corinthian church as the trio of refreshers.

Look around you; God has placed people who are refreshers in your life. These are men or women God has placed in your life to be refreshers. When was the last time you acknowledged the refreshers in your life? Why don't you do it today before the sun sets?