Do Others Hear More of Me or the Master?

Acts 4:8    Then Peter, filled with the Holy Ghost, said unto them, Ye rulers of the people, and elders of Israel,    

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Peter had just spent the night in prison. Yet a night in prison did not enrage him, as it would have before. All night in prison, my, how his thoughts could have rehearsed what he wanted to tell them. “Tear them up… Condemn them… Curse them…” No, this man had learned the lesson of all lessons in his renewed walk with the Lord. Namely, Spirit-filled words always convict the minds and hearts of man.    

Peter, once a mouthpiece of Self and Pride, now stands as a mouthpiece of the Master. Just weeks before this, he had said that he had nothing to do with Jesus. Now, having experienced a renewed relationship, he has an opportunity to stand before people and tell them of the One of Whom he preached and taught. He could tell them of Whose power it was that he healed the impotent man. He was a Spirit-filled mouthpiece.   

My concern after reading this verse is this: how often are my words after a trial filled with more of ME than the MASTER?