Prepared for Salvation

Acts 8:30   And Philip ran thither to him, and heard him read the prophet Esaias, and said, Understandest thou what thou readest?    

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Phillip was conducting the Samaria Campaign. The persecutions of Saul had God’s people on the move. Jesus’ commission, given before His accession, is now being heeded. Samaria was getting the gospel. Yet God needed to mobilize a man to the desert regions below Jerusalem. This one effort would get the gospel onto the continent of Africa.    

Philip saw the African man God wanted to reach with the gospel. He was riding in a chariot. He was a man of Candace’s palace. He was a man of prestige and purpose. Greater still, he was a man prepared by Holy Spirit for salvation.    

Philip was an evangelist with an inextinguishable burden for souls. Philip’s burden for souls is evidenced by his behavior. He ran to him. He then assessed his situation and preached to him Jesus. (8:35)    

Today there will be people with whom you will come in contact, which God is preparing for salvation. God may have them under conviction by reading a tract or Scriptures or speaking of something they heard on the airwaves or happening with a family member.    

Do as Philip; run to them now; determine what has them searching and say to them, “Are you getting it?”   Then just preach to them Jesus.