Ruth’s Devotion

by John O’Malley

Ruth’s Devotion.png

“And she said, I pray you” (Ruth 2:7). 

 The servant continued his story to Boaz as to how “this damsel” got to his field. It is touching to see in this one phrase: the interest of Boaz, the impression on his servant, and the imploring of Ruth. The servant set over the reapers was touched by Ruth’s plight and present need. He had permitted her to glean, and now Boaz was interested in the particulars of how it happened. 

 In the servant’s explanation to Boaz, he quotes Ruth’s words, “I pray you, let me glean and gather after the reapers among the sheaves.”The diligent reader will notice the devotion, desire, determination, and dedication in her words. 

 Ruth implored the servant set over the reapers by saying, “I pray you.” Her devotion was to work for provision for Naomi and herself. Ruth was seeking for an answer in her request. She prayed him that he would let her work. She did not come up and say, “You do not have anything for me to do here, do you?” She never said, “It looks like you do not need me here.” She prayed to be involved in the harvest of Boaz. She did not mind if she looked as if she were begging; she wanted to be involved in this harvest.

 Is this how we contemplate the work of the Lord’s harvest in our church? Is local harvesting in our church merely a night where people go out for an hour? Our local harvest work must not be a weekly event we attend for an hour. It must be an everyday part of our lives. Ruth prayed to be involved in Boaz’s harvest. Do you pray to be involved in the Lord’s harvest?

 When you consider the Lord’s harvest outside of your locale, do you pray to be involved? Again, consider Ruth’s words, “I pray you!” She wanted to have a part in Boaz’s harvest work. Wherever the sheaves were, that is where she wanted to be involved. 

 God has sheaves all over the world. Are you confident that He does not want you to go and glean amongst them? Do you faithfully finance the efforts of the reapers (missionaries) sent out by your church? Friend, God wants us involved in His harvest. Are you devoted to the right cause?

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