“Thy People” Is Not Enough

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By John O’Malley

“And they said unto her, Surely we will return with thee unto thy people” (Ruth 1:10). 

Ruth and Orpah were faced with a difficult decision. They had to choose to either go to Bethlehem-judah with their deceased husband’s mother, Naomi, or go home and live with their families. They were making the choice between Naomi’s people or Moab’s people. This difficult decision ultimately revealed their spiritual condition.

These two daughters said, “We will return with thee unto thy people.” Yet we know only one daughter-in-law went with Naomi. Orpah seemingly spoke the right words, but saw it only as identification with Naomi’s people. Yet,when Ruth spoke alone, she not only repeated what Orpah said, but expanded it and said, “Your God will be my God.”

Many will make decisions to follow because of others, but they never finish the journey. Making our decisions to follow God based solely on human relationships is not the right and lasting way. We must make our decisions to follow God based on our relationship to Him.

Why not be a Ruth kind of follower and follow God because of your relationship with Him and not your relationships to others?

Think about it...

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