The Moment of Decision

by John O’Malley

Ruth 14.png

“And Orpah kissed her mother in law; but Ruth clave unto her” (Ruth 1:14). 

The personal decision to depart from Moab had stirred the hearts of Orpah and Ruth. They had by the rules of compassion, custom, and culture, escorted Naomi to the border of Moab. Naomi had encouraged them to go home. Naomi reminded them of their mothers and fathers; she spoke of the peace and rest they would have by being home. Naomi prayed the Lord’s blessings on her daughters-in-law because they had been kind to her. Naomi urged them to go away from her dark cloud of judgment from God.

Orpah and Ruth each had to make a decision: “Do we go with Naomi and face uncertainty with her in Bethlehem-judah? Do we stay home with our people?” If it had been solely a legal decision, they would have been free from being required to go to Bethlehem. If it had been an emotional decision, then they would have been choosing between returning home to family or going with Naomi, the sole connection to their deceased husbands. If it had been a financial decision, they would have been choosing between a hard life in Moab and a hard life in Bethlehem.

The decision was not an emotional, financial, or legal issue on which to deliberate. That moment was a spiritual moment, with an invitation to make a decision. “Do I choose the ways of Jehovah or refuse them altogether?” That was the question to answer.

Reader, are you at a similar place of decision? Your response is either to kiss or cleave. Once and for all, why not forsake Moab’s ways and cleave to the truth of God’s Word? Those who try to play in Moab and worship in Bethlehem-judah, fail.

Think about it...

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