Steadfastly Minded

by John O’Malley

Ruth 25.png

"When she saw that she was steadfastly minded to go with her, then she left speaking unto her" (Ruth 1:18).

The scene must have been incredible. Ruth broke her recorded silence with her profession of faith. This must have sent a clear signal to Naomi that Ruth was a genuine convert. Ruth’s conversion silenced Naomi’s insistence that Ruth go back to Moab. 

You see, bitterness of the soul allows no rejoicing over the conversion of sinners.Naomi had not recognized that the sovereign hand of God was at work in her life. God had spared one from Moab’s sinful grip, and yet she still could not see God’s almighty hand had been very good to her. This happens to many a believer. They think that all is lost and life is over; yet God is never bound by the circumstances of our lives.

Ruth, though a new convert, certainly had the mind of the apostle Paul. Paul stood before the brethren of Cæsarea and they saw Paul could not be persuaded. Ruth too exhibited the proper mindset for a believer. This should serve as a call to steadfastness though our journey is long, though the way threatens to be hard, and though the future is not clear.

Ruth clearly was steadfastly minded in her word, walk, and work. Are you? 

Think about it...

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