Bounty in Bethlehem 

by John O’Malley

Bounty in Bethlehem .png

God’s will brought Naomi to a place of blessing from a place of brokenness. It is when Naomi arrived to where and when God needed her to be she then began to see what she had.

God’s will is not a destination as much as it is the daily journey with Him. God’s will is not only for those in full-time Christian service. God’s will is for full-time Christians.

Today, can you say with integrity?

•         I am doing what God wants me to do today.

•         I am where God wants me to be today.

•         I am with whom God wants me to be with today.

•         I am available, without reservation or hesitation, for whatever God wants from me today.

God’s will brings the best out of you for His glory.

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