Words for the Workers

by John O’Malley

Words for the Workers.png

“And, behold, Boaz came from Beth-lehem, and said unto the reapers, The Lord be with you. And they answered him, The Lord bless thee” (Ruth 2:4). 

Boaz loved his workers, and he knew them very well. He looked after his harvesters as well as their harvesting. He came to his workers with a greeting. “The Lordbe with you,” he said to them. They enjoyed when Boaz came by and visited them in their work. They knew his position, power, and prestige; but, they loved his presence among them!

They would reply to his greeting, “The Lordbless thee.” What a response! The field owner arrives at the work place, and is greeted with, “The Lordbless thee.” This would be the kind of place anyone would love to work. It was a workplace where harmony ruled and attacking the other workers was unknown. It was a workplace where Boaz’s presence was longed for, not loathed. It was a workplace where good words replaced worthless gossip. 

Boaz knew his fields were God’s fields. He knew his workers were God’s workers. He wanted everyone at his workplace to know that God’s presence was to be recognized, revered, and rejoiced over—even though they were in the field. They enjoyed the spiritual while they occupied themselves with the servile.

We can draw many lessons as we contemplate the Lord of the harvest, the Lord’s harvest, and the Lord’s harvesters. Has the work of the harvest become so tedious that we have neglected spiritual fellowship with our co-laborers? Is harmony ruling in our spiritual work for the Lord? Has gossip become the theme of the conversations in our spiritual workplace?

We know all the attributes of our Eternal Boaz’s great position, power, and prestige; yet what we should love most about God is His presence.

If you fear His presence, I encourage you to look for His presence. Take pleasure in Him the next time He passes your field. 

When did the Lord last come by your harvest field? You may say, “He has never passed by my field!” Friend, does that really sound like our Boaz? He probably has come by your field many times to fellowship with you, and you were too busy griping, gossiping, and grumbling about working so hard. You may know the facts about our Boaz, but do you know His fellowship?

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