A Salt Spreader

Matthew 5:13    Ye are the salt of the earth 

In our house we have Hawaiian Red Alaea salt, Kosher salt, sea salt, and “normal people” salt. I think we have normal salt; I’d have to find it for you, but it’s here somewhere. It would be rare if we served food that was not accentuated with one of these salts. Each salt has a character, flavor, and purpose. 

In cooking, I choose a salt based on the food being prepared and its intended flavor.  Similarly, the Master Chef, God, has chosen the right salt for the right task. He chose us to be salt for the earth. It was one of the first items on the task list of God to His children.  Each of us may have a different character and flavor, but, we all have the same purpose. The earth needs our saltiness.

The only hope for man without God is for believers to be salt. Be a salt spreader!



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