Cry Yet!

Zechariah 1:17    Cry yet, saying, Thus saith the LORD of hosts…   

Many times in the ministry, we encounter an unhearing, unheeding, and unyielding people. Zechariah faced a lazy, listless, and lackadaisical people. His field was full of people who came out of the captivity, laid a foundation to the temple, and stopped working. Their malaise lasted 16 years. During this time, there was no building, no battling, and no blessings for God’s people.   

Zechariah’s contemporary Haggai had been called two months earlier to the same field. Their ministries were similar. Preach to a people who lack the desire to accomplish anything for God. Preach to a people who have strayed and drifted from God’s word, work, and will. They were to preach the people to obedience.   

It is the preamble of this verse that captures my attention as I consider the work of God's people today. God calls upon Zechariah to “Cry yet.” Many a believer has been tempted to end his preaching to a people who seem to have no interest in surrendering, serving or standing for God.    

We can take courage from God’s charge to Zechariah. Have you a field that is full of unhearing, unheeding, and unyielding people? “Cry yet!” Have you a people drifting, discouraged, and defeated? “Cry yet!” Have you a place of service that seems to be forgotten, forsaken, and frustrating? “Cry yet!”   

“Cry yet!” What a challenge for all. We must “Cry yet!” because we have His Call. We must “Cry yet!” because we have His Commission. Simply, we must “Cry yet!” because of His Compassion!   

Difficult days, difficult fields, and difficult experiences do not preclude us from the task before us. Together, let us determine until His return to “Cry yet!”   



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