Water Drawing

Isaiah 12:3 Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.

A beauty of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is that our soul benefits not only in eternity but also here on earth. Here our inspired prophet Isaiah writes of wells of salvation. This certainly is not inferring that there are many ways for one to be saved. Rather it is suggesting there are many locations during your sojourn where you will be refreshed. 

Three things are clear to me from this passage.

  1. Isaiah writes of the manner by which we should draw water. “With joy”
  2. Isaiah writes of the certainty of being able to draw water. “Shall ye draw water”
  3. Isaiah writes of the quantity of places to get water. “Out of the wells”

Have you a thirst today? Come not with drudgery but with delight. Praise His name for we have wells for refreshing, dug by Him, for our benefit! Let joy be your disposition as you come for refreshing. 

Wonder no longer of whether there will be water in this well. The promise is clear: “Ye shall draw water out!” What confidence we have knowing when I need refreshing I can come, knowing I will be refreshed. 

What is that you say? You came once and did not find refreshing. Two things are certain to me if that is your reply. You probably came so filled with other things you had no thirst. Furthermore, you probably came out of duty and not delight.

Know this: there are many locations from where we will discover the refreshing of our salvation. Ready your bucket and visit the well of Scripture, the well of the Spirit, and the well of Saint’s fellowship. These are just a few of the wells from which we may draw during our earthly sojourn. You will find the quantity of wells abundant and the refreshing overwhelming. 

Are you in need of refreshing today? The Wells of salvation await you!



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