Seasons - a Time for Change

Recently, the weather here was cold, rainy, and dreary in appearance. My wife and I walked outside and she said, “Did I ever mention I hate winter?” 

I smiled. I said, laughingly, “No, I did not know it.”  

The change of seasons brings along new vistas. Invariably it makes us long for our preferred season. However, each season plays its role in preparing and ushering in the next season - which may be our favorite season.

Life is full of seasons. There are seasons of growth, work, harvest, and rest. However, I have noted in my short sojourn on earth, that each one brings something else God needs me to see. 

Life, like the seasons, changes. We can shudder and resist or we can embrace and learn from God’s seasonal changes for us.

No matter the season, determine to discover what God has for you. While you may prefer one season above another, right now, He prefers this one for you. 


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