After the Fall

Proverbs 24:16   For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief.

It seems that the opponents of good will reach out and trip you from behind on ground you’ve already covered. Tripping someone else isn’t kind, nice, or fair. But, like my father used to say, “Son, whoever promised life would be fair?” 

Life has both “seen” and “unseen” obstacles. Life’s visible obstacles are easy to avoid. You see them as you approach and you change your course to miss them. But it’s the unseen obstacles that trip and stun us the most. 

There is no perspective like the one seen from when you’ve fallen because of being tripped. You see life from ground level. You look around and see what tripped you. You look to see who might have seen you fall? Ultimately, you decide how quickly you get up off the ground.

When life trips us, we have a choice. Will we whine about the person, event, or emotion that tripped us? Or will we get up and keep moving?  The tripper wins when we whine about it! God’s people get up and keep moving. 

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