He Knew Her

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A few years ago, on a warm late spring afternoon, I walked through a cemetery to the graveside service of Mr. Ernest Wyrick, a Naval Veteran, faithful Christian, and father to one of our missionaries. 

The short walk to the grave site let me see a grave that stopped me. The marker read, “Baby Girl Swain - May 15 - May 16, 1951.” I thought, “She lived one day on earth and had no name.” 

As a father and husband, I thought of the ache within the hearts of her parents in 1951. She would have turned 66 this year. Yet she had no name, nothing to designate her from any other citizen of earth. Who knows about this one day old child called, “Baby Girl Swain?” 

I looked ahead and saw Mr. Wyrick’s flag-draped coffin and his military escort getting into place. I knew I must move along to stand with the family and friends to bid adieu to the body of a loved one. 

I took my place at the grave. The Scripture was read. The 15 gun-salute engaged, “Taps” was played by a Sailor, and the Word of God was read and the flag from a grateful nation was presented. 

I was a bit numb. Baby Girl Swain’s existence permeated my thoughts. I reminded my surprisingly hurting heart that God oversaw the homecoming of Baby Girl Swain in 1951. He also welcomed the arrival of Mr. Wyrick this past Sunday night in the midnight hours. You see, while few or none on this side may know Baby Girl Swain, God knew her.

It was then the Psalmist’s words came to mind from Psalm 116:15 “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.” Who knew Baby Girl Swain? God. He knew her. He knew her from before the world began. She is with Him now.

God brought comfort to my heart. He knows all about her. He knows all about me. 

Will your death be precious to Him? Life is short. Death is certain. Be prepared.

There will come a day when I will see Mr. Wyrick again and Baby Girl McSwain. Will you?