To all Generations

Psalm 89:1    I will sing of the mercies of the LORD forever: with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all generations.

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Have you ever considered that God is Trans-generational? Ponder this: His gospel and His grace are trans-generational. Trans-generational – this means something that spans all generations. Our God is not fixed to a past generation alone. Nor is he limited to the current generation, nor one yet to come. He and all His attributes, abilities, and actions are for all generations. 

Picture this: in the great choir of God’s family, the elderly stand first and lift their voices, somewhat faint and feeble compared to the youth, and they with a seasoned melody of the heart sing of His mercies and faithfulness. Then the middle-aged saints rise with a stirring in their bosom and join the chorus and with heartfelt praise and rejoicing for the God of those who started the chorus. The youth then realize the God of all glory Who has been merciful to them. Upon hearing grandparents and parents sing, the youth are reminded that though this is the song of their forefathers, it is also the chorus of their own heart. Now they join in the song of His mercies and faithfulness. Then in this great assembly, the little children who know the God of their salvation rush without hesitation to join brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers and grandparents to sing of the God Whose mercies and faithfulness are for all generations.

Shame on us, for the many times we have segmented our song in testimony of God’s mercy and faithfulness to a “certain generation” that is easier to tell and have neglected the others. 

This day forward, make the testimony of your heart and mouth to a lost and dying world, one that is “to all generations.”