Follow the Leader

Luke 9:57   And it came to pass, that, as they went in the way, a certain man said unto him, Lord, I will follow thee whithersoever thou goest.    

Childhood memories fade from us rather too quickly. However, most can remember playing the game “Follow the Leader.” Oh, the simplicity of the moment when the leader moved in one direction and the “followers” would move in the same direction.  

“Follow the Leader” should truly be the way we conduct God’s work today. God leads through His word and we should follow. 

However, many “would be followers” have reasons they will not follow.  Three men said, when faced with the opportunity to serve the Lord, “I would follow…but.” One was consumed with his daily needs. Another was burdened with family concerns. The third was prone to delay to avoid possible regrets.   

Jesus knew the things holding each of them back from following Him. He said to the three that there would be no rest, no returns, and no regrets. Many today feel justified by saying, “I just want to make sure I have taken care of what is important to me.” Some have even said, “I have wants, too!” Oh, the selfishness that has crept in God’s churches and workers today!  

What is your reply to His gentle bidding? Is it a response of an unconditional yes? If it is not then you have a heart problem. You can remain unfit for His service or you can rest in His faithfulness and step out and serve.