Fat, Dull, and Closed

Matthew 13:11-15

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When questioned by the disciples about His use of parables, Jesus replied that there were three issues affecting mankind’s ability to grasp Him. He identified a problem not just in His time. He did it by quoting a message by Isaiah generations earlier. This moment of teaching lends valuable insight to modern problems on Planet Earth.

The average believer today has the same failure to grasp Christ. Yes, we have hearts, but we have over-indulged in self and have become fat. True, we have ears, but we have allowed God’s Spirit and Word to be ambient noise we tune out so we can hear what we want. Certainly, we have eyes, but they are closed to seeing anything but our preferred mirrors that we select because of their ability to make us look good.

In this season of over-indulgence, let’s pause and examine our hearts, ears, and eyes. Have these portals to the soul become fat, dull, and closed? May we slim down, sharpen up, and see around us what He would have us to learn. It would be a shame today if we missed His lesson for us today because of being fat, dull, and closed.