Alone in Moab

By John O’Malley

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“And Mahlon and Chilion died also both of them; and the woman was left of her two sons and her husband” (Ruth 1:5).

There is no feeling of loneliness like the one following the death of a loved one. Our hearts grow accustomed to our loved ones always being there. Parents anticipate watching their children grow; yet, they ache with loneliness when, standing by the graves of their children, they have to say goodbye. When a spouse who is determined to grow old with their companion, attends the funeral of their soul mate, they are left feeling like an appendage has been severed, and they cannot stop the bleeding. When a child stands by the grave of a parent and bids adieu, the ache of loneliness shudders their soul as the casket and the earth entomb the one who gave them counsel, comfort, and confidence.

Loneliness must have had its icy grip on the empty heart of Naomi. Was it possible for her to be wrung out any more? When she stood by the sandy graves of Moab, she must have felt an overwhelming sense of loneliness. When her husband died, she felt alone; yet she did have the comfort of leaning upon her sons. However, now buried in the family’s plot in Moab are her husband and her sons. She must have stared at the sand with loneliness as she buried her two boys. Mahlon and Chilion were two grown men whose deaths left two childless wives and a widowed mother. 

Yes, loneliness moved into Naomi’s heart and home like an unwelcome guest. She was left alone by the death of her family. However, the Heavenly Father had not left her alone. The next verse begins “Then she arose.”The opening phrase certainly stands in contrast to verse five. Loneliness had extended its grip on her heart. Death had taken her husband and children, but she determined she would not be left alone in Moab. 

Though loneliness may reach to grab your heart today, determine not to yield to his icy grip.You may be lonely, but is it not time to move on?

Think about it...

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