Going Home

By John O’Malley

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“Then she arose with her daughters in law, that she might return from the country of Moab: for she had heard in the country of Moab how that the Lordhad visited his people in giving them bread” (Ruth 1:6). 

Naomi, widowed and coping with the loss of her two sons, determined that Moab would take nothing more from her. She left Bethlehem-judah full, and then left Moab empty. She had experienced emptiness in her home, her heart, and also in her home going. She determined in her heart that her days would be better spent in Bethlehem-judah.

Her determination was kindled when news out of Bethlehem-judah indicated that God had visited His people in giving them bread. Moab was quite a distance from home (sixty-seven miles), but news from home has a way of finding its way to you when God sends the messenger. She heard news of bread. It would not be the bread that would bring her home; but rather, she would leave Moab because of the Baker.

The news reminded her of the glory of the LORD. “the Lord”

The news reminded her of the grace of the LORD. “Had visited”

The news reminded her of the guardianship of the LORD. “his people”

The news reminded her of the goodness of the LORD. “in giving them bread”

How long has it been since His glory was revealed in your life? Are you living with an awareness of His grace? Have you wandered away from His guardianship? When was the last time that you sensed His goodness? Moab makes people forget how good home really was. 

Dear reader, if you have made Moab your home, back in Bethlehem-judah you will experience His glory, grace, guardianship, and goodness. There is one way to come back, and it is found in the third word in the verse. Why do you not arise and get back?

Think about it...

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