Drawn to Him

by John O’Malley

Ruth 22.png

"And Ruth said...and thy God my God"  (Ruth 1:16).

The testimony of Naomi’s life in Moab had drawn Ruth to her heart, hope, homeland, and home folks. Now Ruth stands at the exit from Moab and the entrance to the Promised Land and says, “Your testimony has drawn me to Him. The gods of Moab are nothing and have no hold on me.” 

Ruth indicated, “I have heard about His passion for His people. I have heard about His power for His people. I have heard about His provision for His people. I have heard about His pardon of His people. Naomi, your testimony has drawn me to Him. You have spoken so much about God; I want Him to be my God.” 

All Ruth had known growing up as a little girl was the gods of Moab. Those gods were lifeless, man-made objects, deified by Moabites. Now having heard of the one true and living God, she declares, “Naomi, your testimony has drawn me to Him.” 

Dear reader, do you have a testimony in Moab? How are you doing in making Jesus known in Moab? Have you become so self-absorbed that you are telling others of your woes, worries, and wants and are no longer speaking of the wonders of Calvary?Have you become so intoxicated on your own problems that your testimony is virtually silenced? I urge you today, break out of this pattern and look around you at the Moabites who are your neighbors. Go find one and declare to him the wonders of Calvary’s Christ. 

God’s mercy reaches Moab. Why not tell a Moabite today? 

Think about it...

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