Seeking What Lacked

by John O’Malley

Seeking What Lacked.jpg

— Personal Reflection

Scripture does not record any words spoken by Ruth since her confession of faith in the first chapter. Ruth wanted to go out and find a place where she could glean and a person in whose eyes she would find grace. 

Ruth decision to glean led her to discover the pardon for her heritage, the permission to enter the harvest, and the provision for her home. 

Imagine for a moment what faith it took for Ruth to believe that God’s provision for widows would even extend to someone from Moab. Imagine what hope Ruth had as she believed she would return from gleaning with sheaves of grain and grace.

If you are a child of God by faith, you do not have to think too hard to see yourself as Ruth. You had nothing before Christ. You were nothing before salvation. Yet today, He claims you as His own.

Today, ask God to show you someone, even a total stranger, to tell them what God has done in your life. 

Who will you to tell?

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