Words to Comfort

by John O’Malley

Words to Comfort.jpg

— Personal Reflection

Dear Father,

Thank you for your love for me. 

Thank you for the comfort I find in Your presence, promises, protection, and provision. Your Words give life. Your Words give hope. Your words give power.

Your Word tells me that in my tongue is the power of life and death. God help me today to use every word to speak words of life to help those who are under a burden. Help me to speak words of life to those who hurt and need hope. 

God, I really need your help not to speak words of death today. Let me not be the one who discourages someone today. Let me refuse the temptation to harm others with my words. Let me find someone in a dark place today and say to them, like Naomi said to Ruth, “Go my daughter.” 

Help me to speak words of life today to bring you glory and bring hope to others. 


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